Home Birth Midwifery Services:  $5500

A 90 minute initial interview is complimentary.  The fee includes:  full 90 minute medical intake, all blood and lab work, in-home prenatal care throughout the course of the pregnancy, the birth itself, and six postpartum visits.  Water Birth is available with a refundable deposit.  Insurance Billing is outsourced and available at an additional fee.  Cash, check, credit cards, & payment plans available & accepted.

Natural Childbirth Education Course:  $500

This three week course is private and in-home.  There are two different classes from which to choose:  one for those birthing in the hospital, wanting a more personalized and empowered experience.  And one for those birthing at home.  Each of the three classes are three hours long and include handouts and visual aids.  Both classes include Pain Relief Methods, Baby Care, Postpartum Care, and Breastfeeding Support.  Evening and weekend classes are available.

Birth Doula / Monitrice Services:  $1800 / $2400

When your desire is to have a natural, drug-free birth, in the hospital, having a Monatrice is one of the best investments you can make.  A Monatrice is a Birth Doula who has a medical license.  This allows me to monitor your vitals at home, monitor your baby's heart rate at home, and perform vaginal exams.  I then transport with you to the hospital, for the birth itself.  The services includes 2-3 meetings before the birth, as well as 1 postpartum visit.  The $1500 Birth Doula services remove the medical aid at home, but include the rest of the services listed above.

Placenta Preparation:  $400

This service includes pick up from the place of birth, processing, and drop off within 24-48 hours of pick up.  I use equipment solely for encapsulation, which are cleansed and sterilized three times in between each client.  I am certified by OSHA for handling blood-borne pathogens.  I offer non-gelatin, gelatin, and flavored gelatin capsules.  I also offer tincture preparation for an additional fee of $50.

Preconception Counseling / Well-Woman Care:  $150

Most women do not know that they can visit a midwife for their annual pap-smear, STD testing, basic blood work, and/or preconception counseling.  A 90 minute consultation includes pelvic exam, blood and/or specimen collection, and consultation.  Lab fees are an additional cost.